Poem Entries from September 25-November 30

Here is the first poem entry by one of our aspiring poets out there.


I sit alone near the window
Hoping to see a rainbow
I wonder when will it better once again
To see the wonder of tomorrow after this heavy rain.

I miss the old days
When I and my classmates, in the park we chase
Chase the happiness together
But I wonder now, when will it be better?

Please, tell me when
When can we, children, run freely once again
But no one knows, no one knows when
So, I’m always left here in this seat wonderin’


That was a touching poem _ashleydeleon. I understand and feel the message that you want to convey. I already miss the time when everyone can happily go wherever they want to go and enjoy the company of each other. But, don’t worry everything will be okay. Let’s hope for it.

Thank you so much for that incredible piece. I really appreciate it.

What about you? Do you also feel the same way as her?
If you’re going to share your thoughts by using a poem, what will it be?
You are also free to drop by and submit your poem whenever you want.

Don’t forget to like and comment if you also like her poem. 🙂


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