Poem Entries from September 25-November 30

Here is the third poem entry by one of our aspiring poets out there.

The Life of a Dying Man

Life is hard; life is exhausting
You’ve tried your best, but nothing is working
At the end of the day, you’re always left crying
Wondering if it’s better to just give up everything

The next day comes, but you haven’t gotten any sleep
Seems like any minute, you’re just ready to weep
For without any way out, you just chose to reap
The dark clouds around you that you already decided to keep

The dreams you once had, the hope and wishes were all gone
Each night only feels the same with each break of dawn
There’s no tomorrow left nor future to be drawn
Gone were those people who once kept you going on

Blurred vision, numb body, for breath you slowly seize
All those exhausting days were all now be at peace
Rest now, dear man, whose family were all deceased
This will be the last day you’ll cry and finally be at ease.

© Anonymous 3/11/2021

This poem hits me differently. I don’t know why but to feel pain while reading this. It’s kinda sad if I put myself in the character’s shoes but also realized that it might happen, and it could happen to anyone. I’m just relieved that the writer of this poem didn’t experience this but just out of his realistic imagination.

Overall, although this poem made me feel sad, still, it’s one of the best-written works I’ve read. Thank you so much for sharing.

What about you? Do you also have this kind of realistic imagination as this writer? If you’re going to share your thoughts by using a poem, what will it be? You are also free to drop by and submit your poem whenever you want.

Don’t forget to like and comment if you also like this poem. 🙂

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