Poem Entries from September 25-November 30

Here is the fourth poem entry by one of our aspiring poets out there.

Inlove with a Liar

The heartache I’ve felt, the brokenness inside
It felt like I was stabbed ’till my feelings just died
Now I just feel numb; I don’t know what to do
Am I going to trust you again and pretend your lies were true?

I trusted you a lot and thought our love was real,
But you lied, not once, and I don’t know what to feel
How can I ever trust you once again?
If doubts and anxiousness are what I’m going to gain

Thousands of questions keep running inside my head
Because of all the lies you repeatedly said
I was naive since I believed in you wholeheartedly
But never again, never am I going to trust in you foolishly.

© Anonymous 11/11/2021

This poem hits me differently. I was once felt betrayed and doubted a person because of all the lies he said. I know it’s hard to forget that feeling and really difficult to forget what that person has done. But if you feel that that person asks for forgiveness sincerely and is ready to change for the better, you’re going to learn how to forgive and trust again. Just know when to stop and don’t let yourself be fooled again. You deserve better.

Overall, I know how you feel while writing this poem, and you conveyed that emotion through this incredible poem. Thank you so much for sharing.

What about you? Have you ever felt this kind of emotion as this writer? If you’re going to share your thoughts by using a poem, what will it be? You are also free to drop by and submit your poem whenever you want.

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