In Memory of Jacob Wetterling

Nowadays, I’ve been really interested in watching documentaries. I’ve watched hundreds of unsolved cases, and one of those was the case of Jacob Wetterling. This case was finally solved after twenty-seven years. It was also one of the cases that were reported and grieved about all over the world.

In memory of Jacob Wetterling, I wrote a poem to share my grief at what had happened to him twenty-seven years ago. Honestly, I was teary-eyed while writing this. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for Jacob and his loved ones who were waiting for him to come back.

In Memory of Jacob Wetterling

Jacob was eleven, loved watching football, playing hockey, and fishing.
For a movie, he went outside with his friends but ended up missing
Everyone’s distressed because a masked man had ferally taken him
But for more than twenty-six years, the case was left depressingly in a dim.

His parents lit a candle on each of his birthdays, hoping and praying
Praying that someday Jacob will come back home and blow it for them
How sad and lamenting, in waiting for their son, they must have had felt
I can’t imagine the pain in almost twenty-seven years; they must have dealt.

Until last October 2015, by the police officers, a new theory was made.
Relating Jacob’s disappearance to a previous “Jared’s” comparable case
A once offender named “Heinrich” was brought to court for questioning
In exchange for a lesser sentence, his confession made this case more sickening.

That night, he saw the three boys make their way into town together
Then he parked on the road, which the boys in their return would tackle
Threatening to shoot the other two boys, he inhumanely abducted Jacob
Like a hideous monster—in Paintsville, he sexually preyed on this helpless cub.

No hope and no strength; Jacob was begging for him to go back home
But that hideous monster panicked when a patrol car near them roamed
He then instructed Jacob to turn around and tried to shoot him with his pistol
Although his gun jammed the first time, for the second time, he shot him still.

On that night, when he lost his life and was buried in the pit of nowhere
Also was the time that brought millions of people to be sunk in despair
The truth that was once deprived, now exposed after twenty-seven years
Knowing how Jacob was helplessly fighting for his life will forever bring us grief and tears.

© AbbyMorong 11/14/2021

Rest in peace, Jacob Wetterling. You will forever be remembered.


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