Poem Entries from September 25-November 30

Here is the sixth poem entry by one of our previous aspiring poets.

Puppy Love

P-artially dumbfounded
U-pon seeing you pass nearby
P-ulling myself together
P-retty much I’ve fallen for
Y-our beautiful smile;

L-ike my favorite holiday
O-pening presents is my favorite
V-ery much excited if
E-ver your love will be my gift

© Anonymous 11/17/2021

This is so cute! Honestly, I was really amazed by your poem last night but WOW! This is also an incredible poem, and it’s so sweet. I can see that you really like to use this style in writing your poems. You’re amazing and thank you so much again for sharing.

What about you? Have you ever tried this artistic way of writing as what this writer did? If you’re going to share your thoughts by using a poem, what will it be? You are also free to drop by and submit your poem whenever you want.

Don’t forget to like and comment if you also like this poem. 🙂


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