Top 8 Poem Entries from September 25-November 30

Here is the collection of poem entries by our previous aspiring poets from September 25-November 30.

Since the poem “I LOVE YOU” got the highest votes throughout the given time and was the most favorite poem, let’s give this poet’s the credit to have its cover for this whole collection. 

Congratulations to these outstanding poets! All of you are amazing! 👏🥳

Enjoy reading!….


I-‘ve met you first in January

L-eaving a mark in my mind
O-ffer to be friends by you
V-isibly you also felt interested
E-njoying my company and getting excited

Y-ou told me you already love me
O-ur love gets deeper and deeper by far
U-ntil we both say “I LOVE YOU” on the altar

© Anonymous 11/16/2021

What is Love?

Love is beautiful but can also be very painful,
It might take you high as the sky but can also leave you to cry
It might taste like the sweetest but with an aftertaste of bitterness
Love might be sincere, but who knows when will it turn into a tear

What is love? Everyone might ask themselves this question once in a while
It might drive you in denial but ends up with a smile
It might sound scary but can turn you to be gutsy
Love might be risky, but who knows that someday, it’ll make you very happy,

Is loving someone worthy? Have you ever wondered about this?
It might be your first but not the last or last but not your first
It might let you want to try but end up being regretful
For whoever loves someone might turn up to be wise or just be a fool.

© LovelyGirl 11/27/21


I sit alone near the window
Hoping to see a rainbow
I wonder when will it better once again
To see the wonder of tomorrow after this heavy rain.

I miss the old days
When I and my classmates, in the park we chase
Chase the happiness together
But I wonder now, when will it be better?

Please, tell me when
When can we, children, run freely once again
But no one knows, no one knows when
So, I’m always left here in this seat wonderin’

© ashleydeleon 9/25/21


I cry for those
who find it so… so… hard to cry…
their faces now
a land that knows but drought
cracked… dry… puzzle like furrow…
hemmed in by the o… so… ugly
touch of prejudice
the sly and whispered
words of prejudice
and in so… so… many cases now…
supplanted by its more hideous hybrid…

so I cry for those
who find it so… so… hard to cry…

I cry even for those
who perpetrate this evil upon the land
their faces radiating
a snarl of rabid fear
corroding the supple minds of the young
who now wanders aimlessly…
hemmed in by a blindness
that knows no light…
a heart that knows no warmth…
what can be done
when it is leaders
who stroke the fires of hate…
and makes something
as innocent as colour… a crime…

so I cry even more for those
who perpetrate this… this… evil upon the land

© Ralph Boothe
(moriba sababu)
October 18th. 2021

The Life of a Dying Man

Life is hard; life is exhausting
You’ve tried your best, but nothing is working
At the end of the day, you’re always left crying
Wondering if it’s better to just give up everything

The next day comes, but you haven’t gotten any sleep
Seems like any minute, you’re just ready to weep
For without any way out, you just chose to reap
The dark clouds around you that you already decided to keep

The dreams you once had, the hope and wishes were all gone
Each night only feels the same with each break of dawn
There’s no tomorrow left nor future to be drawn
Gone were those people who once kept you going on

Blurred vision, numb body, for breath you slowly seize
All those exhausting days were all now be at peace
Rest now, dear man, whose family were all deceased
This will be the last day you’ll cry and finally be at ease.

© Anonymous 3/11/2021

Inlove with a Liar

The heartache I’ve felt, the brokenness inside
It felt like I was stabbed ’till my feelings just died
Now I just feel numb; I don’t know what to do
Am I going to trust you again and pretend your lies were true?

I trusted you a lot and thought our love was real,
But you lied, not once, and I don’t know what to feel
How can I ever trust you once again?
If doubts and anxiousness are what I’m going to gain

Thousands of questions keep running inside my head
Because of all the lies you repeatedly said
I was naive since I believed in you wholeheartedly
But never again, never am I going to trust in you foolishly.

© Anonymous 11/11/2021

The Rose

At a look, you are captivated by its beauty
It doesn’t do anything, but yet that is its duty
Allured by its enchanting aroma
For moments you are trance into a soothing coma

The pedals have such an everlasting design
You gaze at its aesthetic pleasure totally captured in your mind
Oh wonderful, glorious creations are they
I could enjoy its beauteous nature day after day

I believe God thought of a rose when He created a woman
Let’s make her like this was His summon
Her intrinsic beauty and divine charisma
Totally piercing the natural eye like the prickly leaves of a mimosa

Her hair displays the flow of a gracious design
And when the wind blows, it falls perfectly back inline
The touch of her skin is like the softness of pure silk
The brightness of her smile
Could be seen for at least a mile

Every curve carefully forming her aristocratic poise
Leaves the bees absent of any noise
The sound of her voice is as sweet as sopaipilla covered with powdered sugar to enhance
The deep of her eyes enslave you in enormous somnolence

No, she was not made of just one color
But normally she is the shade of her earthly mother
This magnificent creation was not to be hidden but to be adorn
This was His intent before she was ever born!

© KcLove 11/25/2021

Puppy Love

P-artially dumbfounded
U-pon seeing you pass nearby
P-ulling myself together
P-retty much I’ve fallen for
Y-our beautiful smile;

L-ike my favorite holiday
O-pening presents is my favorite
V-ery much excited if
E-ver your love will be my gift

© Anonymous 11/17/2021

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