Poem Entries from December 1-January 31

Here is the second poem entry for this period by one of our aspiring poets out there.

Essence of Christmas

Seeing people smile while opening their gifts
Will forever be very heart-warming to see
That’s the first essence of Christmas peeps
Share and make the world a happy place to be

Being fair and helping people who are in need
Will lift one’s soul and clean one’s heart
For this is the second purpose, one should lead
To better our world, everyone must take part

It’s happier to be contented and be thankful
Try to accept life’s flaws yet make a change
Because this is the third true happiness’ rule
Everyone should know, for the world will change.

© Anonymous 15/12/2021

This wonderful poem reminds me of the feeling I had every Christmas. In my country, Christmas is the holiday for us to give presents and make each other happy by celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Of course, there are also different purposes for celebrating Christmas. And some of those purposes were mentioned in your poem.

Overall, this poem is light and also fun to read; it’s one of the best-written works I’ve read. Thank you so much for sharing.

What about you? Do you also believe and feel the same way as this poet?
If you’re going to share your thoughts by using a poem, what will it be?
You are also free to drop by and submit your poem whenever you want.

Don’t forget to like and comment if you also like this poem. 🙂


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