Madeleine McCann’s Case

I have watched the case of Madeleine McCann’s last year, and since then, I couldn’t forget how sad this case was. She was just a three-year-old sweet child. She would have had a great future ahead of her, but unfortunately, she was early robbed of that chance when she disappeared. She has never been found again up to these days. Now, shocking new evidence; relating to Madeleine McCann’s revealed a suspected killer.

I wrote a poem to share my sorrow at what had happened to her fourteen years ago. It is one of the cases that I always check for an update. I was also teary-eyed while writing this. I can’t imagine how helpless she must have been for whatever happened to her and for her family, who is desperately waiting for her to come back.

Madeleine McCann’s Case

If innocence has a face, then it’ll be Madeleine McCann’s
But on the night of May the 3rd, 2007, she was found gone
At around 10 pm, her mom found this 3-year-old baby missing
Made her parents and three countries desperately searching

Little Madie’s disappearance electrified the Praia da Luz community
But authorities’ bungled investigation made chaos unfold
For long mortifying years, the truth remained a mystery
Not until 13 years after, finally a prime suspect was called

A suspect named Christian Brückner was associated with this crime
Phenomenal pieces of evidence filed up to one after the other
Disturbing files and videos of pure torture inflicted on women
Now, hope for little Madie’s life on his hands might have shattered

This monster was a complete psychopath who was living in fantasies
Were multiple times been charged with sexual assault and rape
Now, authorities are finally relating him to the loss of Madie’s
Hoping justice would finally be served and to the law, he could no longer escape.

© AbbyMorong 12/16/2021

Madeleine McCann, we’re still waiting for you, little angel. I hope that justice will soon prevail.


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